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Research line 4

The novel biochemical and genotypic measurements being made in the EPIC-Heart case-cohort study will need to be added to the existing data that have been collected on these individuals, particularly the available diet and lifestyle information. A large programme of data management and statistical analyses will be required to obtain full scientific benefit from the measurements made. Some of the main objectives in this area are:

  • to manage the EPIC Database in respect of all the information collected as part of the Project;
  • to coordinate the activities for designing the analysis of data collected in the Project for the main effects analysis for genetics, biomarkers, diet, nutrition and physical activity, and interaction;
  • to prepare and implement analytical strategies for the analysis of:
    • the main genetic associations of the genes and SNPs
    • the main associations of the biomarkers
    • biologically plausible gene-lifestyle and gene-biomarker interplay
    • Mendelian randomisation studies to establish causality of biomarkers in incidence of coronary heart disease
    • the role of intermediate pathways in explaining the interaction between lifestyle behaviours and genetic factors on the incidence of coronary heart disease;
  • to identify potential replication/validation studies and prepare and oversee strategies for reproducing novel findings; and
  • to evaluate the addition of genetic and lifestyle factors to existing risk prediction strategies.