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General scientific aims

The general scientific aims of the EPIC-CVD project are:


To expand the existing case-cohort study of coronary heart disease (EPIC-Heart) and type 2 diabetes (InterAct) within the EPIC observational cohort to include stroke cases. This study will be used as the basis for comparing and calibrating major existing risk scores across diverse European populations


To develop and evaluate both modifiable risk scores (that promote behaviour change and personalised lifestyle feedback) and detailed risk scores (that maximise predictive accuracy and target subpopulations)


To formulate and appraise user-friendly clinical tools to support risk assessment, as well as cost-effective strategies for the organisation of screening


To compare the costs and benefits of different risk assessment and screening approaches


To develop evidence-based policies, tailored to diverse European settings, and disseminate these tools, strategies and policies widely to relevant audiences across Europe to maximise clinical and public health impact.


These general scientific aims will be achieved through progress on 4 main research lines: