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Potential applications

The results of research in the EPIC-CVD project should lead to improved cardiovascular risk prediction and contribute to the development of personalised and predictive medicine.


EPIC-CVD will provide clinicians and policy-makers across Europe with an evidence-based menu of contemporary options for targeted and cost-effective CVD risk approaches tailored to the needs of Europe's diverse populations. It is expected that approaches based on modifiable CVD risk scores should cost-effectively:


(1) enhance accuracy of risk prediction, resulting in improved identification and risk assessment and contribute to the development of personalised and predictive medicine


(2) maximise potential for behaviour change in patients and physicians through personalised lifestyle feedback, leading to better “clinical decision making and clinical outcomes”


(3) contribute to the prevention of other conditions influenced by lifestyle choices and of major public health importance in Europe, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers, again leading to better clinical outcomes


(4) be genuinely complementary to public health activities that aim to reduce the overall population risk of cardiovascular disease by promoting a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, avoidance of smoking).