The EPIC-CVD study

What will EPIC-CVD do?


EPIC-CVD will:


Use data from an existing large-scale multi-cohort observational study to compare existing risk scores across diverse European populations and develop new scores based on detailed measurement of genes, biomarkers and potentially modifiable lifestyle factors


Develop user-friendly tools to help clinicians assess risk, allocate treatments and prevent cardiovascular disease


Explore the costs and benefits of different approaches to risk assessment and screening that meet the needs of diverse European settings


Communicate the range of tools, strategies, and policies developed in EPIC-CVD to relevant people across Europe The EPIC-CVD consortium will expand a study of coronary heart disease and diabetes cases and control cohort to include stroke cases within the setting of an existing large multi-centre cohort - the EPIC study.


EPIC comprises over 500,000 participants from 10 European countries and will provide a case set of almost 40,000 individuals and a control cohort free of cardiovascular and metabolic disease.